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Welcome to Doun Global Resources Nig LTD

Our story began in 1996. Back then we were a retailer of finecoat paints and some other building materials products within a single store in the Building Materials Market.

Today we are privileged to be a major distributor of different brands such as, Slikcoat, Finecoat etc  and are privileged to be allied with UDO CHEM paint factory who manufactures DN and Dr Deluxe paints of which we are a sole distributor. Any other place in the globe that DN and Dr Deluxe paints are seen came through us and if not is a counterfeit. We are also privileged to connect with thousands of customers’ everyday with satisfactory products nationwide. We now also have two paint showrooms and other small branches.

Director's Profile

Doun Global is named after the CEO Diamond Obasi Uche Nkwor, who took the first letter from all his names to form the DOUN. The GLOBAL RESOURCES entails the performance of some functions like interior and exterior décor of all kinds of buildings solely with the use of DN and Dr Deluxe paints of  which we call “the art of
“the art of paint” and sourcing materials globally/internationally

Doun Global Resources: a leading name in the paints retail and distribution network in the federal capital territory.

A major distributor of different brands of paints such as, Slikcoat, Finecoat and the sole distributor of DN and Dr Deluxe paints manufactured by UDO CHEM paint factory DOUN Global resources connects with thousands of customers’ on a daily basis, with satisfactory products nationwide.

With an eye for perfection in the business of beautification of interior and exterior of  buildings, both residential, office complexes, business arenas recreation centers and multipurpose buildings, GLOBAL RESOURCES has ensured lasting customer satisfaction with the use of DN and Dr Deluxe paints whose materials are sourced globally/internationally.

DOUN global services also has in stock,, the very best materials for bonds, POP cements, 3D panels, and wallpapers of Varying grades, colours and designs, that meets the customers demands, and adds the desired effects to both interior and exterior, for multi purposes.

Dounglobal Products' Manufacturer Quality and standards are keywords in the service delivery sector and doun global resources ensures that its products are manufactured with standard certification that meets international best practices, with affordable prices.

With a partnership arrangement with productions plants that guarantees quality, standards and all round availability of products, a dedicated staff that ensures customer satisfaction and a business community to continues to demand for quality and the very in products and services, Doun Global Resources remains the very best option in the paints and decorative finishing products market in Nigeria.

Our Team Member The success and continuity of any business venture largely depends on the quality and the welfare of its workforce. Doun Global resources with its crop of trained personnel which comprises of administrative staff, sales agents, trained painters and delivery men, maintains an enviable record in staff welfare.

Diamond Obasi Uche Nkwor

CEO of Doun Global

Jayla Campbell


Fisher Garrison

Marketing Manager

Brynn Marshall

Chief Financial Office

Take Your Business To The Next Level You can visit Doun Global Recourses at it’s headquarters in Mararaba, along the Abuja/Km1 keffi Express Road Building material market, opposite GTB bank, Beside Tantalizer, Mararaba via Nyanya Abuja or it’s Sub-Headquarters at Dei-Dei building materials Market road, opposite linksman showroom, Bagusa FCT or click on the link below to contact us.